Our company is closed in the period from 24.12.21 to 02.01.22. In urgent cases you can reach our service at +49 151 55875710.


We are always there for you!

Dear valued customers and partners,

The current situation is very special and extremely challenging for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic conducts our daily life and our business.

We have taken some actions to secure our business to stay in contact with our customers:

  1. Implementation of strictly hygienic measures according to the German RKI.
  2. Working in two shifts to reduce the number of employees in our facilities and shrinking the personal contacts. This includes the benefit that we enlarge our working hours and the accessibility for our customers.
  3. Reduction of visits and meeting to the absolute necessary. Furthermore, we have postponed all events.
  4. We have increased our hotline support to stay easily in touch with our customers globally. You can reach us via phone, e-mail or our contact form on our website www.lbbohle.com.

All our actions are taken under the preference to secure our business relations and to keep our operation safely running.

All the best for you, your families and enterprises! Stay healthy!


We look forward to hearing from you!

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