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Combined expertise:
Service Center & Technology Center

Research & Development

L.B. Bohle is based on its innovation power, and engineering excellence, L.B. Bohle has become a top company for all production steps of pharmaceutical solids in the past.

Innovative products are the basis of our market success. Our further developments and product innovations not only increase quality and efficiency for our customers, but also strengthen the competitive edge on the market.

R&D by L.B. Bohle


Our research & development for the pharmaceutical industry

Service Center

Pharmacists, engineers, process, and software specialists work hand in hand at the L.B. Bohle research and development department. Since 2005, the entire production process of pharmaceutical tablet production can be tried out in the company’s own Service Center.

On an area of more than 600 m2, the tests for batch sizes between 10 and 30 kg can be performed.

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High-Shear Granulator with product

Explore our products
in the 360° tour!

Immerse yourself virtually in our product world and discover our plant in the 360° tour. In addition to exciting impressions, you can expect pictures, videos and interesting information about our products.

L.B. Bohle: Tests and process optimization

Technology Center

In the Technology Center inaugurated in 2015, L.B. Bohle focuses on continuous manufacturing. The Technology Center is a platform where continuous processes are promoted an integrated manner. On the installed QbCon® pilot system, customers are able to test their processes and to take their first steps on the path towards continuous manufacturing.

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More than
55 patents worldwide

Product innovations and the concomitant patents characterize the corporate history of L.B. Bohle. Since its foundation, the aim of the company was to supply its customers with machines and processes that outperform existing solutions. More than 55 patents and utility models around the world reflect permanent further development.

L.B. Bohle patents


Potential subjects of interest

Customer testing our machines for all process steps of pharmaceutical solids production

Service Center

At our Ennigerloh headquarters Service Center, our customers can test our machines for all process steps of pharmaceutical solids production and optimize their processes.

Your product tests with us

Coating ABC nozzles

Machines & Processes

Product efficiency increase is the central benefit of L.B. Bohle. To this end, we offer both complete production plants and solutions for individual production steps.

Our product portfolio


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