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Technology-leading in tablet-coating

Tablet-coating systems for effective pharmaceutical OSD productions

Film coating is a decisive and demanding process step in pharmaceutical tablet production. L.B. Bohle is a technology leader in the field of pharmaceutical tablet-coating applications.
Tablet-coating respectively film coating processes can be subdivided into the basic operations:

  1. Spraying
  2. Blending
  3. Drying

Each individual operation must be optimized in a careful and coordinated manner.
All L.B. Bohle machines for tablet-coating guarantee best-of-class product processing and excellent cost effectiveness. The flat tablet bed in a long drum geometry, as well as continuous adjustment of the inclination angle ensure optimal movement of the cores. The systematic compulsory guide in the drum enables continuous product movement. There is no tablet twinning, therefore, there are only minor losses in solids and coatings.


Various systems for tablet-coating in pharmaceutical industry

Film Coaters – BFC

L.B. Bohle has been the technology leader in the development and production of tablet-coating systems for the pharmaceutical industry. The Bohle BFC Film Coater is the high-end version of the L.B. Bohle coaters, standing out with high efficiency, optimized output, and lowest suspension loss.

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Coating nozzle arm
Tablet coating: Spray arm of the BTC 400

Tablet-Coaters – BTC

The Tablet-Coater represents economic efficiency: A flat tablet bed, patented air system and high spray volume ensure high quality and shorten process times by up to 35 percent. With best blending results, the BTC tablet-coater sets standards and guarantees high uniformity of tablet-coatings. In short: Precise and economical film coating.

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Continuous Coater - KOCO®

In 2011, L.B. Bohle introduced KOCO®, the first semi-continuous tablet-coater for the pharmaceutical industry, to the market. The KOCO® tablet-coater is characterized by reliable throughput at consistent residence time for all tablets. At the same time, the process machine is based on the proven patented Bohle design for tablet-coaters.

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Tablet coater: Spray arm
Laboratory coater for R&D

Laboratory Coater - BFC 5

The Bohle Film Coater BFC 5 Laboratory Coater is designed as a stand-alone unit. The entire air technique as well as electrical and control technique are integrated in the tablet-coating machine. The tablet-coater has a multi-panel visualization with touch panel. The operator unit is attached to the coater.

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