Lifting Columns for the
Pharmaceutical Industry

Lifting Columns – HS

Our goal: Perfect handling for your efficient production process. Lifting columns (HS) have been indispensable for decades in pharmaceutical, food and chemical production.
For example, lifting columns are used for charging process machines such as tablet presses or coaters or in complex manufacturing lines.



Handling with the Lifting Columns
by L.B. Bohle

The HS pharmaceutical lifting column is a stationary and space-saving lifting unit for various applications in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical production.
Many years of experience in the area of handling technology have led to continuous further development of the HS lifting column, standardisation and adjustment to the specific requirements in the industries.

Electrically Operated Chain Drives

In contrast to competitors who use hydraulic lifting technology, L.B. Bohle has been relying very successfully on robust and electrically operated chain drives for years. These chain drives require less maintenance than hydraulic drives and users have no hygiene problems in clean rooms.

L.B. Bohle lifting columns are used worldwide for simple as well as complex work processes.

The integration possibilities of the lifting columns in complex production lines are varied:

  1. Transport of containers on horizontal and vertical levels
  2. Filling/discharge processes at process machines, such as
    tablet coaters, tablet presses, capsule filling machines or sieving
  3. Integration in weighing systems
  4. Equipment of the lifting columns with containment flaps
    for dust-free work processes
  5. Expansion of the lifting columns with cleaning aggregates

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Lifting Column SL

Since capacity is usually limited in production rooms, space-saving lifting columns are paramount. Production systems
with their auxiliary units often take up a lot of space, making the integration of a lifting column difficult.

L.B. Bohle meets the requirements regarding reduced space for lifting columns by preseting the SL type lifting column. The HS 1000 SL lifting column, with its already integrated control cabinet, requires only 0.3 m2 of space and can therefore be used even in very limited spaces.

Just like the standard lifting column, the HS SL stands out with its robust construction and the electromechanical lifting drive.

Control via touch panel
The lifting column HS SL is operated via a touch control based on microcontrollers. The lifting column is controlled automatically by an intuitive user interface.


Available variations of the HS SL

HS SL 1000
HS SL 1500
HS SL 2000




Benefits of the Lifting Columns

Standardised, space-saving design by integrating electrical and mechanical components within the lifting column
Ergonomic and GMP-compliant design facilitates cleaning and operation
Precise positioning of containers at various heights and positions
Automated and semi-automated process sequences through the use of a PLC with touch-panel visualisation
High flexibility through optional equipment and individual solution variants

Our product brochure for the HS SL lifting column is available for download here:

Product brochure for the HS SL lifting column

Technische Merkmale

Variations and
Technical Features

We offer our lifting columns in different sizes and technical designs.

Our product brochure for the HS SL lifting column is available for download here.

The following list provides an initial overview and comparison of our standard lifting columns.
We look forward to your request for detailed information.

HS 300HS 400HS 600HS 800HS 1000HS 1500HS 2000
Max. load [kg]300400600800100015002000
Standard height [mm]2900340034003400340039003900


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Lifting Columns

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We look forward to hearing from you!

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We look forward to hearing from you!

+49 (0) 25 24 93 23-0

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