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Handling systems & containers by L.B. Bohle

Perfect handling makes a crucial contribution toward optimizing your production processes: Whenever there is a need to supply raw materials or to transport, securely seal or store products, a wide range of containers and lifting systems are used. L.B. Bohle has developed a large number of optimized handling solutions for the sensitive handling of pharmaceutical products. Our versatile offering of (individualized) solutions for storage, transport and docking systems supports the optimal harmonization or linking of individual process steps.


Our various handling systems & containers
for the pharmaceutical industry

System solutions

In addition to individual solutions for our customers, we increasingly produce complex and linked handling system solutions. Our stand-alone systems form the basis for integrated processes and combined systems.

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Handling systems OSD production
Lifting column at a tablet press

Lifting Columns – HS

In the pharmaceutical solids industry, lifting columns are crucial in performing different tasks for many years. For example, lifting columns are used for supplying tablet presses or tablet coaters or in complex manufacturing lines.

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Drum Handling – BSL

With the BSL, L.B. Bohle presents a new and innovative handling system for automatic transport of drums. The BSL guarantees fast and complete discharge of drums.

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Automated drum handling
tablet containers for charging a tablet coater

Tablet container handling –
ROB 50

L.B. Bohle presents the ROB 50 as innovative solution to optimize production process of coated tablets. The ROB 50 is a robotic system for handling of tablet containers, to close the gap between the tablet press and film coating process. At the same time, the ROB 50 enables cost reductions in product handling and avoids further risks in the production process.

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Telescope Lifter – PTH

L.B. Bohle offers the ideal solution for the transport of different containers with the PTH telescope lifter. Handling of containers or pallets is easy and quick. An electric drive system is standard above 400 kg lift capacity, ensuring comfortable load transport.

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Telescopic lifter pharmaceutical industry
Docking station for charging

Docking Station – BDS

With the BDS, L.B. Bohle supplies a docking station for cGMP-compliant feeding of a ceiling duct when working on different levels. The BDS is available in a fully or semi-automatic version.

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Round or square, mobile or stationary containers are used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries for storage and transport. All our containers are specially developed to meet the requirements of the respective industries. In addition, the containers can be cleaned easily and completely.

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Bowls and containers for the pharmaceutical industry




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Maschines and Processes by L.B. Bohle

Machines & Processes

Product efficiency increase is the central benefit of L.B. Bohle. To this end, we offer both complete production plants and solutions for individual production steps.

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