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Process monitoring for the
pharmaceutical industry

Monitoring with b.sure®

The systems with programmable logic controller (PLC) communicate operating data and parts of the process data via a communication server to the mobile terminals and PC workstations. The system operator is not only informed in the event of a fault, but also when the parameters are outside the setpoints. In addition, the operator can supervise and monitor several systems in parallel and respond in the event of errors and deviations. This gives the operator a valuable time advantage to initiate measures at the system and safeguard the quality of the product.

Monitoring of process data


Process Monitoring via App
by L.B. Bohle

b.sure®: Implementation in your process

Many of the solutions available on the market today operate via cloud services and communicate data outside the company. b.sure® follows another approach and keeps the data in the company, keeping true to the motto „Your data belongs to you“.

A separate communications server is installed in the operator network, which records the respective system data. Using software that prepares and provides the data for the app of the end devices, a corresponding message is sent to the end devices via an email service in the event of an error.

b.sure® is web-based and can be opened either on the respective device or via the sent email. To prevent unauthorized access, an administrator must give appropriate authorization to specific operators on the communications server Within the application, the different systems can be selected and viewed, but the processes cannot be changed via b.sure®.

b.sure® informs you of

  1. Machine name with serial number
  2. Operating status (process active)
  3. Remaining process time
  4. Batch data, batch number and recipe
  5. Process values (e.g. force, gap width and throughput)
  6. Errors and status messages (e.g. emergency stop or if ACTUAL values
    are outside the permitted predefined range)
  7. Maintenance mode (information about pending maintenance
    and calibration) with notification function
  8. Predefined contact form for quick service request to L.B. Bohle


Figure: Process monitoring


Benefits of the process monitoring app

Avoid and reduce downtime
Timely active influence in the event of process deviations
Location-independent information on the status of the systems via mobile devices (WIFI) throughout the entire company
Status display is possible both on smart devices and the desktop PC
Data remains in the customer network – no external communication
Mono-directional communication – not possible to directly influence the process via the end devices

Our product brochure for process monitoring with the b.sure® app is available for download here:

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Whitepaper on
process monitoring

A new platform for all
PLCs by L.B. Bohle

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