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Tablet container handling for
the pharmaceutical industry

Tablet Container Handling – ROB 50

The ROB 50 fully automates the transport processes between the tablet press and the tablet coater. The integrated control software features an inventory system for all containers and container positions. The control unit can plan various transport tasks and optimize material flow by pre-defined priorities due to interfaces with the tablet press and tablet coater, thus ensuring optimized task planning. In addition, compliance with the predefined expansion times is ensured, which is vital for product quality.

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Automated Tablet Container
Handling by L.B. Bohle

For batch and continuous manufacturing
Originally developed for use in QbCon® continuous manufacture, the ROB 50 can also automate product transfer in batch production, to close the gap between tablet press and film coater. In this case, the L.B. Bohle ROB 50 is also available for larger container sizes.

Furthermore, in case of long process times for film or tablet coating , the ROB 50 can serve two coaters positioned next to each other in an alternating manner. Customized versions with an additional degree of freedom, as well as product versions for higher throughput rates or longer relaxation times are available too.


Advantages of the Automated Tablet Container Handling

Fully automated transport processes between the tablet press and tablet coater and simultaneous optimization of the production time
Avoidance of crack/gap formation in the film coating by compliance with the relaxation time. The film coating is only applied after the tablet cores expand.
Avoidance of risks in the production process
Flexible adjustment of the storage container size in accordance with the specified throughout rate of the tablet press and tablet coater, as well as the specified product specific relaxation time
Cost reduction in product handling



Whitepaper on ROB 50

Seamless Integration of a Semi-Continuous Coating Process into Existing Solid Dosage Production

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