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Cleaning systems for
the pharmaceutical industry

Container cleaning – PUR

The PUR pharmaceutical universal cleaning system by L.B. Bohle is a stationary cleaning unit for various applications in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical production. The PUR cleaning system allows for easy and efficient internal and external cleaning for a varity of container shapes and sizes.

The economical container washing system PUR has a compact design, but with the major functionality of an expensive wash cabin.

Container cleaning PUR


Container cleaning with the L.B. Bohle cleaning system

Comfortable cleaning of bowls and containers
The entire washing process of the container cleaning system is computer-controlled, monitored and documented. Customers have the option of storing specific cleaning recipes in the controls.

The basic design of the PUR cleaning system consists of the lifting unit with cleaning lid. The manual lifting unit is fixed to the wall. The cantilever arm carries the washing lid with cleaning nozzle, which is docked to the container for cleaning.

Effective and complete cleaning
The media-driven target jet cleaner effectively cleans the entire interior of the container with a 360° spray angle.
For external cleaning, the system is manually switched to a manual spray lance.

Operation via an HMI
The touch panel enables easy operation and clear visualization. The touch panel is mounted outside of the working area, which enables safe operation.


Benefits of the Container Cleaning System

Low procurement costs
Fast, effective cleaning of containers and bowls enables quick production restart
Ergonomic and GMP-compliant design with regard to operation and cleaning
Small footprint

Technische Merkmale

Variations and
Technical Features

We offer our cleaning system in different technical designs.

The following list provides an initial overview for your application.
We look forward to your request for detailed information.

Property Indication
Container diameter Max. 3 m
Water consumption for internal cleaning 42 – 75 l/min
Water consumption for external cleaning 20 l/min


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Container Cleaning System

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