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Continuous manufacturing for the pharmaceutical industry

Technology Center

Continuous manufacturing is becoming more and more relevant in the pharmaceutical industry. With the Technology Center inaugurated in 2015, L.B. Bohle presents its customers with the best test and development center for trying out continuous procedures and developing them in a manner suitable for practical use.

Video Technology Center

Produktionsanlage & Test

Your options in the Technology Center

QbCon® Production system

The continuous production system QbCon® installed in the Technology Center allows for production of oral solids with a throughput of
5 – 25 kg/h.

Due to the modular design of QbCon®, the production can be implemented as follows:

Continuous direct pressing
Continuous wet granulation
Continuous dry granulation

Thus, we have a system which is unique in the world for the production of coated tablets of raw powders in a continuous manufacturing cycle.

We present a fully integrated solution together with our recognized partners Korsch AG (tablet presses) and Gericke AG (continuous dispensing and blending). In contrast to existing systems, the modular QbCon® system allows flexible arrangement of different single operations and paves the way for an individual solution according to customer requirements.

Continuous manufacturing wet granulation

Continuous wet granulation

Continous_Manufacturing_dry granulation

Continuous dry granulation

Coating drum

Test of stand-alone systems

In addition to tests on the QbCon® production plant, tests on the following stand-alone operations can be performed as well:

Qbcon® 1: Continuous wet granulation and drying for research and development
BRC: Continuous dry granulation
BCG: Continuous twin-screw granulation
BCD: Continuous drying
KOCO®: Continuous Coater


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Technology Center

Dr. Robin Meier

Manager Scientific Operations
+49 2524 – 93 23 0

Dr. Robin Meier, L.B. Bohle




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