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Twin-Screw Granulator for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Granulation – BCG

Twin-screw granulation has been the established method for continuous moist granulation since the early 2000s. Twin-screw granulation is designed as a fully continuous process and can be used by companies as a starting point for the successful introduction of continuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

Twin-Screw Granulation BCG


Granulation with the L.B. Bohle
Twin-Screw Granulator

The BCG Twin-Screw Granulator can be used as stand-alone system or it can be fully integrated into the L.B. Bohle’s QbCon® continuous manufacture line.

The powder to be granulated is fed onto two screws, which rotate in the same direction inside a cylinder, thereby transporting the material through the process zone and kneading and mixing it at the same time. The flexible design of the screws allows producing granules of different porosities that match all requirements for downstream drying and tableting.

Twin-screw granulator with an intelligent control concept
Intelligent control concepts are used in combination with PAT (Process Analytical Technology) such as NIR (near-infrared spectroscopy) for in-line content analysis or continuous particle size analysis, or Raman spectroscopy to produce granules of consistently high quality.


Benefits of the
BCG Twin-screw granulator

Short residence times of the material in the process
(< 1 minute – a few seconds)
Fast and efficient responses to process, and quality non-conformities
Small footprint of the required machines and associated GMP surface areas
Resulting elimination of machine up-scaling that is otherwise required
Mixing and granulation in one step in the shortest time possible
Introduction of instruments for 100% in-line quality control
No more discarding of whole batches, as low-quality products can be selectively ejected
Implementation of experimental test plans in the shortest possible time

Technische Merkmale

Variations and
technical features

We offer our twin-screw granulator in different sizes and technical designs.

We look forward to your request for detailed information and technical features.


Granulation BCG
Granulation BCG
Granulation BCG
Granulation BCG
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Twin-screw Granulator

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