Continuous production system for
the pharmaceutical industry

Continuous Production Line – QbCon®

The paradigm change from batch production to continuous manufacture requires a new approach for the production processes used, as well as for the required automation technology.
Comprehensive initiatives for quality increase – mainly driven by the FDA – strongly focuses on continuous manufacturing for manufacture of solid drugs.
The ability to monitor a production process more closely using PAT, and to consistently produce high-quality products as a result, is the central aspect of this initiative.

Further benefits from continuous manufacturing:

Higher patient safety
Lower costs
Better process understanding
Optimised process control
Continuous manufacturing wet granulation

Continuous wet granulation and drying

Continous_Manufacturing_dry granulation

Continuous dry granulation


Continuous Manufacturing with QbCon®

As the most innovative technology company for machines and processes for the pharmaceutical solids production, L.B. Bohle supplies comprehensive solutions for continuous manufacturing with a high development speed.

Modular design: Direct compression, wet granulation, and dry granulation
The QbCon® continuous manufacturing systems allows for production of pharmaceutical solids from powder to the coated tablet with a throughput from 5 to 25 kg/h. QbCon® stands out with its modular design that ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency for the customer.
QbCon® enables three production processes:

  1. Continuous direct compression
  2. Continuous wet granulation
  3. Continuous dry granulation


The QbCon® Principle

Process analytical technology PAT
Complete process monitoring is a decisive argument for introduction of continuous manufacture. Applying process analytical technology (PAT) across the entire process allows consistent monitoring of product quality and instant detection and elimination of deviations. This eliminates the need to eject and dispose of entire defective batches, fewer out-of-specification (OOS) materials need to be sorted out and the variability of a product decreases. The real-time analysis of process and product also includes the possibility of real-time release of drugs. This allows for a 100% and non-destructive inspection of all produced products.

Figure: Continuous manufacturing production process


Benefits of the Continuous Production System

Higher quality through tight in-line control
PAT integration and additional process controls
High process/product understanding
Higher patient safety
Less waste
Lower quality control costs
Lower storage and transport costs
Lower space requirements for GMP rooms
Fewer rejects, no need to discard entire batches
Reduced API consumption in development
Connection of several individual plants in an all-in-one system
Faster developments, response to market requirements
Flexible batch sizes
Changed requirements during the life cycle can be covered by the same machines
Release in real time possible
Shorter development times
Lower product consumption
No scale-up issues
Reduced interaction with raw materials
Reduced dust exposure
Higher safety



Whitepaper on
direct compression

Continuous Direct Compression of a
High-dose Drug – Evaluation of Process
and Quality Attributes

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