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Handling system applications for
the pharmaceutical industry

Handling system solutions

Whenever there is a need to supply raw materials or to transport, securely seal or store products, a wide range of containers and lifting systems are used. For careful handling of pharmaceutical products, L.B. Bohle has developed a broad range of optimized handling solutions.

Optimized handling applications for all tasks
In addition to individual solutions for our customers, we are currently producing more and more integrated handling system solutions. Our stand-alone systems form the basis for integrated processes and linked systems.
We optimize your production process and increase efficiency and safety with our coupled handling system solutions. Tailored to your requirements and space, we can provide you optimal application, even for complex containment requirements.

Handling system solutions for containment


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Your contact for the
Handling System Solutions

Matthias Dietz

Area Sales Manager
+49 2524 – 93 23 0

Matthias Dietz, L.B. Bohle


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Lifting Columns

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Bowls and Containers

We have a comprehensive range of bowls and containers. We offer suitable transport, storage or blending containers, drums, and other containers.

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