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Maximum Quality

Continuous Manufacturing
by L.B. Bohle

Introduction of Continuous Manufacturing offers many advantages for the manufacturers of pharmaceutical solids:
Integrated processes, shorter manufacture times, more flexible production and increase of quality are only some of the advantages achieved by Continuous Manufacturing.

L.B. Bohle offers stand-alone systems for the Continuous Manufacture of twin-screw granulation, drying, dry granulation and coating as well as the QbCon® production plant.

The QbCon® production system allows for Continuous Manufacturing of pharmaceutical solids from powder to the coated tablet via direct compression, dry and wet granulation.

The Technology Center wihich was built next to the Service Center at Ennigerloh headquarters was inaugurated in spring 2015. L.B. Bohle focusses on continuous processing of pharmaceutical solids together with partners.


Our various continuous systems
for the pharmaceutical industry

Continuous Manufacturing

Continuous Production Line – QbCon®

The QbCon® Continuous Manufacturing plant allows forproduction of pharmaceutical solids from powder to the coated tablet with a throughput from 5 to 25 kg/h. QbCon® stands out with its modular design that ensures maximum flexibility and efficiency for the customer.

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R&D: Continuous Granulation and Drying – QbCon® 1

QbCon® 1 enables truly continuous granulation and drying process for the first time. Our patented fluidized bed drying guarantees material flow from the raw material to the dried granules in closed continuous operation.

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QbCon 1
Roller Compactor BRC

Dry Granulation – BRC

L.B. Bohle meets the rising market demands for continuous processes with the BRC 25 and the BRC 100, an innovative dry granulator with gap control. The BRC enables high-production capacity with minimal loss of material.

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Twin-Screw Granulation – BCG

Twin-screw granulation is a continuous process by design and can be viewed as a starting point for Continuous Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

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Twin-screw granulation: screws
Continuous drying BCD

Continuous Drying – BCD

Constant and continuous drying must be ensured in order to seamlessly connect to continuous wet granulation. With the continuous BCD fluidized bed dryer, L.B. Bohle enables continuous drying of granules for the first time.

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Continuous Coater – KOCO®

The KOCO® continuous tablet coater guarantees highly precise and efficient coating of tablets. Small and large tablet quantities alike can be coated easily in the KOCO® .

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Tablet coater: Spray arm
tablet containers for charging a tablet coater

Tablet container handling –
ROB 50

The ROB 50 fully automates the transport processes between the tablet press and the tablet coater. The integrated control software features an inventory system for all containers and container positions.

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Product efficiency increase is the central benefit of L.B. Bohle. To this end, we offer both complete production plants and solutions for individual production steps.

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