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Customer Satisfaction - Survey

Dear customer,
Thank you for your trust in our company.
It is our daily effort to improve our products and to check the quality of our services in order to meet your requirements in an integrated manner.

Please support us in our efforts and answer our customer satisfaction questionnaire.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Products
  • Project process
  • Documentation
  • Assembly/service
  • Submit

How would you rate our products?

Product quality of the system/machine

Product safety of the machine

Ease of operation (ergonomics of the machine)

User-friendliness of the machine software

How would you evaluate our project processes?

Support during the course of the project

Flexibility in case of change requests

Professional competence of the project manager/technical contact person

How would you rate our documentation?

Clarity and comprehensibility of the machinery documentation

Completeness of the documents

How would you rate our services?

Availability by phone

Respone time for support/repairs

How would you rate our installation and service?

Quality of assembly processing

Adherence to delivery dates for on-site assembly

Conduct of our employees

Information passed on by L.B. Bohle personnel

Friendliness of our employees

Professional competence

Cleanliness at the workplace

How would you rate the performance of our employees?


Breaks taken (time sheets)

Work speed

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Product efficiency increase is the central benefit of L.B. Bohle. To this end, we offer both complete production plants and solutions for individual production steps.

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