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Strength in the Pharmaceutical Industry for More than 35 Years


Lorenz B. Bohle founded L.B. Bohle Maschinen und Verfahren GmbH in 1981, taking the bold step into self-employment. He put his company on a sound foundation from the beginning. This way, the company grew into a leading technology company for the pharmaceutical industry. It remains an independent medium-sized enterprise to this day.

L.B. Bohle: Company history


  • May

    World Firsts at INTERPACK

    Big appearance at the Interpack: L.B. Bohle presents the new machine generation with three new machines. The BFC 400 tablet coater, the BRC 100 dry granulator and the QbCon® 1 impressed the trade show visitors – technically optimized and in a new design.

  • September

    40 Years L.B. Bohle

    After two postponements due to the Corona-pandemic, L.B. Bohle was finally able to celebrate its 40th anniversary. More than 500 guests celebrated in the festively decorated Olympic Hall until deep into the night.

  • Autumn

    Start of Production in Plant 4

    L.B. Bohle starts production in the new production plant at Nordring 4 in Ennigerloh. Right at the beginning, a complete continuous production line for the manufacture of tablets by means of wet granulation will be built there.

  • November

    L.B. Bohle Builds Plant 4 in Ennigerloh

    The focus of the new plant which will be near Plant 3 will be exclusively on the production of machines and systems for continuous manufacturing. On an area of 12,000m2, a production complex with a surface area of around 2,000m2 will be built according to latest technological standards.

  • March

    The New Company Restaurant in Ennigerloh

    L.B. Bohle invested 1 million euros into the new company restaurant at its headquarters in Ennigerloh. Customers and employees can now dine in a modern, brightly lit atmosphere.

  • June

    QbCon® 1 Becomes the Trade Fair Highlight

    Achema in Frankfurt am Main was a great success. The first continuous twin-screw granulator with truly continuous dryer was presented with the QbCon® 1. The revolutionary plant visibly impressed the visitors.
    In addition to QbCon® 1, L.B. Bohle moved two other innovations to the focus: the HS 1000 SL lifting column and the b.sure® process monitoring app.

  • January

    New Building at Plant 2

    The construction of the new building wing for engineers, technicians, and documentation at the Sassenberg site went according to plan. With the total investment of one million euros, we have constructed and equipped the building, the offices and meeting rooms according to the latest standards and could be moved into by now.

  • Oktober

    Founding of L.B. Bohle Switzerland AG

    In order to be close to the customer, be capable of acting flexibly and eliminating bureaucratic obstacles, L.B. Bohle established its own service subsidiary in autumn 2017 in Reiden in the Canton of Lucerne.

  • May

    Great Success at Interpack

    Interpack in Düsseldorf was a complete perfect for L.B. Bohle. For the first time, an exhibition was held together with Korsch AG. Customers learned about the latest trends for batch and continuous procedures. The new BCG 25 Twin-Screw Granulator was presented to the public.

  • January

    Lorenz Bohle Becomes Chairman of the Advisory Board

    The two long-term employees Dipl.-Ing. Tim Remmert, Head of Sales, and Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Wesselmann, Technical Director, take over management of the company on 01 January 2017.

  • June

    ACHEMA: Focus on Continuous Processing

    At ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main, L.B. Bohle will present all details of the batch and continuous processing subjects to interested visitors from the pharmaceutical industry. The continuous manufacture system QbCon® leaves visitors enthusiastic.

  • March

    Technology Center

    The Technology Center was inaugurated with a symposium on the subject of “Continuous Manufacturing” at the Ennigerloh headquarters. The Technology Center provides the production plant QbCon® for test purposes.

  • May

    Interpack: Innovations in Fluidized Bed Technology

    L.B. Bohle presents two innovations at Interpack in Düsseldorf. L.B. Bohle optimizes its fluidized bed technology with the Bohle Uni Cone BUC® process, which coats even the smallest particles more precisely and uniformly than the conventional Wurster process can. The BRC 25 dry granulator was another innovation presented there. The compactor extends the range of granulation solutions.

  • Autumn

    Technology Center

    Continuous manufacturing – Ground-breaking ceremony for the new Technology Center. 6 to 8 million euros are going to be invested in the new test, development, and presentation center in the course of the next few years.

  • September

    Plant 3

    Inauguration of the new “Plant 3” production site in Ennigerloh. From now onwards, the process machines, such as coaters, fluidized bed systems and compact systems, are produced near the parent plant.

  • August

    Fluidized Bed Technology: Bohle Uni Cone BUC®

    L.B. Bohle has the Bohle Uni Cone BUC® process protected. Even the smallest particles can be coated precisely.

  • June

    Achema: Compactor Extends Granulation Programme

    At Achema in Frankfurt am Main, L.B. Bohle presents its dry granulator BRC 100. With this move, Bohle expands its product range in the granulation process segment.

  • May

    Interpack: Focus on Continuous Manufacture and Granulation

    L B. Bohle presents the new continuous coater generation KOCO®, the BCG Twin-Screw Granulator and a new compact system – a combination of quick granulators and fluidized bed system – at Interpack.

  • 2011

    Expansion at Sassenberg

    Start of construction work for the extension of the Sassenberg location; investment in the amount of EUR 2.5 m.

  • 2010

    KOCO® – Coating Technology

    The semi-continuous coater KOCO® is developed further.

  • 2009

    Twin-Screw Granulation: BCG

    The BCG is presented at Achema in Frankfurt.

  • 2007

    Tablet Coating: Bohle Tablet Coater BTC

    The company launches the Bohle tablet coater BTC. Quick and easy coating leads to unparalleled tablet coating efficiency. Bohle’s patented air flow design within the coating pan reduces the likelihood of spray drying to a minimum.

  • 2005

    Service Center Ennigerloh

    In 2005, the Service Center at the Ennigerloh site is completed and inaugurated. The Service Center now allows testing and development of machines and procedures in a complete pharmaceutical production line.

  • 2003

    Granulation: Fluidized Bed Process

    With the tangential fluidized bed process, L.B. Bohle laid the foundation for more compact systems.

  • 2000


    Construction of the Sassenberg location

  • 2000

    Tablet Coating: The First 200 kg Coater

    L.B. Bohle launches the first 200-kg-coater with CIP equipment and a long cylindrical drum by L.B. Bohle.

  • 1998

    Coating Technology: The First 70 kg Coater

    L.B. Bohle extends its product range by coating technology with the first 70-kg-coater. The first coaters are still equipped with a drum replacement.

  • 1991

    Granulation: First Single Pot Granulator

    With the first single pot granulator (VMA), L.B. Bohle lays the basis for its entry into process technology. The first VMA already features microwave drying.

  • 1990

    Founding of L.B. Bohle Inc. (USA)

    Founding of L.B. Bohle Inc. in the USA

  • 1987

    Blending Technology: The First Container Blender

    First container blender sold, paving the way for the company’s continued growth.

  • 1986


    Relocation of the company to Ennigerloh, the present headquarters. Decisive for the company’s growth is the system for dust-free penicillin production.

  • 1983

    Start of Production

    Start of own production of L.B. Bohle Maschinen und Verfahren GmbH. Lifting columns and containers supplemented the supply range.

  • 1981


    After many years as the head of engineering for special machines for a pharmaceutical company, Dipl.-Ing. Lorenz Bohle founded his own company in Ennigerloh/Westkirchen. He first developed the tablet checker KA. Today’s COO, Robert Stauvermann has been with the company right from the outset.


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