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Roller Compaction for the
pharmaceutical industry

Dry Granulation – BRC

Continuous dry granulation has been an established process in the pharmaceutical industry for decades and is used for more than just moisture- or temperature-sensitive products.
Unlike classic wet granulation methods, this process does not require any energy-intensive drying processes; this avoids the need for large investments in systems and production facilities, and lowers the costs per batch.

Dry granulation is frequently the preferred approach for very bulky or moisture-sensitive products. L.B. Bohle’s BRC granulators are suitable for continuous production and can be integrated with Process Analytical Technology (PAT). Because of this, the BRC series granulators offer flexibility for integration into a wide variety of production scenarios.

BRC 100 Award


Granulation with the L.B. Bohle
Dry Granulator

L.B. Bohle combines high product capacity with minimal material loss in dry granulation. This system outclasses rival solutions by generating force through purely electromechanical means to ensure consistent ribbon properties The BRC uses highly innovative methods to regulate compacting force and ribbon thickness. It compacts material uniformly over a production range of
< 1 - 400 kg/h. The sophisticated system design facilitates handling and shortens the assembly process. The hygienic design and the integrated washer nozzles, fitted as standard, allow for an effective WIP process.

Even at high material throughputs, the cone-shaped BTS Bohle Turbo Sieve mill and sieve inserts gently crush the ribbons into granules with the desired particle size distribution. Each BRC dry granulator can be retooled with a different rotary sieve within minutes to adjust to new process and ribbon requirements.

Thanks to its functional GMP-compliant design and PAT tool support, the compactor meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical “Quality by Design”.




Benefits of the Roller Compactor

Minimal material loss due to precise control of the compression force with an innovative electromechanical roller drive
Maintaining constant ribbon properties
Easy to use and quick set-up
Hygienic design and effective cleaning via WIP nozzles (‘washing in place’ process)
Versatile and gentle particle size calibration with integrated Bohle Turbo Sieve (BTS)
Particle size calibration with integrated Bohle rotation sieve (BRS)
Optional PAT integration
Optional containment equipment including sampling

Our product brochure for granulation with the roller compactor / dry granulator is available for download here:

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Technische Merkmale

Variations and
Technical Features

We offer our dry granulator in various sizes and technical designs.

Our product brochure for granulation with the roller compactor / dry granulator is available for download here:

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The following list provides an initial overview and comparison of our various dry granulators for your granulation. We look forward to your request for detailed information.

Machine BRC 25 BRC 100
Capacity [kg/h] ≤ 1 – 100 kg/h (product dependent) ≤ 1 – 400 kg/h (product dependent)
Size (LxWxH) [mm] 1900 x 1000 x 1960 1960 x 1410 x 2140
Operator panel Siemens touch panel



Whitepaper on
Dry Granulator BRC

BRC dry granulator series –
BRC 25 and BRC 100 compactor

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