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Fluidized Bed Processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The fluidized bed process is a thermal and mechanical process technology for the production of powders and granules. The process is used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agricultural, chemical and food industries.

In the industry, the terms “fluidized bed” and “fluid bed” are often used interchangeably because they are based on the same technology and have similar applications. Both terms refer to fluidization using fluidized bed technology, where a “fluidized bed” or “fluid bed” separates various components from media while reducing their moisture content. This enables further processes such as drying, cooling, coating and granulation.

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Fluidized-bed systems and technology from L.B. Bohle

Fluidized-bed systems are offered by L.B. Bohle in various designs and sizes. These include R&D plants for small production volumes as well as large plants for industrial production. L.B. Bohle covers the requirements for different applications.

Fluidized bed granulator and fluidized bed dryer BFS

The fluidized bed system BFS with tangentially mounted spray nozzles optimizes the fluidized-bed application or the fluidized bed process. The innovative Bohle Uni Cone BUC® technology ensures complete fluidization with uniform coating and granulation results. The product range of L.B. Bohle fluidized bed systems extends from the smallest BFS 3 to the BFS 480.

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