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L.B. Bohle Blending Systems

The mixing of powders entails high demands on safety and hygiene in the pharmaceutical production process. For the production of pharmaceutical solids, the homogeneity of the produced mixture is a crucial process step. An even distribution of all components in the mixture is  the goal of this process.

With the right mix of successful ideas and design, L.B. Bohle
Maschinen und Verfahren GmbH is among the world leaders in blending technology for the pharmaceutical industry. And this success ranges from laboratory blenders to blending systems with 12,000-liter containers.


Our various blending systems for the pharmaceutical industry

Container Blenders – PM

The Container Blender can be used in all conceivable production scenarios in pharmaceutical production. It does not matter whether your company uses round or square containers. We offer the solution that fits your manufacturing process.

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Container blender
Laboratory blender

Laboratory Blenders – LM

The LM 40 Laboratory Blender is optimized for research and development. The space-saving rotation around a single axis and small footprint has optimized the laboratory blender’s space demand. The blending results of the LM 40 can be easily transferred to a production-scale blender.

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Potential subjects of interest

Coating ABC nozzles

Film and tablet coating

All L.B. Bohle coaters guarantee best-of-class product processing and excellent cost effectiveness We assert our leading role through continuous developments and patented advantages.

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Single-pot granulator

Wet and dry granulation

L.B. Bohle offers a comprehensive range of solutions for wet and dry granulation. Complete production plants and stand-alone systems are part of our range for the production of oral solids.

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