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Blending, Sieving, Granulation and Tableting

Single pot granulator VMA ensures maximum blending and granulation efficiency

L.B. Bohle delivered an all-in-one solution for blending, sieving, wet granulation and compressing solids to a globally active pharmaceutical company. With this complex system, which was installed in one room, our customer can modernize its manufacturing process. At the same time, the system increases personal protection as well as production capacity.

Single pot granulator VMA 35 ensures maximum blending and granulation efficiency
The key component of the project is the single pot granulator VMA 35 in explosion-proof design including feeding. Add to that the combined mixing and sieving station, which consists of a lifting column with a rotation sieve and the PM 400 container blender. The system is completed by the XL 100 WIP Con tablet press from KORSCH AG as the third module. It is also fed by a lifting column integrated into the automation.

Thanks to the use of active and passive valves, the highly complex systems are suitable for containment applications. The single pot granulator as well as the blending and sieving station are intended for installation in EX zone 2/22.

A central CIP station (Cleaning-In-Place) is used for effective cleaning of all systems. The scope of delivery also includes MCL containers (with a cleaning frame) in various construction sizes, which are also cleaned automatically at the CIP station. A heating and ventilation station ensures quick drying of the containers.


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